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Critical's Game Commentary

Penguinz0 also knows as Critical, is one of my favorite game reviewers because he simply uses the best descriptions I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. I'm pretty sure holding a conversation with this guy about paint drying would be interesting. He does commentary for games like Black Ops, Fallout, Modern Warefare ect. But, the videos of his I enjoy most are the walk-throughs he does for shitty games.

Between the random burping, and bathroom updates there is some pretty awesome quotes that I for one, would like to use in everyday use. Such as:

"I'm playing as ET, and It appears that I have been dropped and bowel of vomit, so I have to get the fuck out of here, ASAP"

"It looked like a toast, a piece of toast WTF"

"Now I'm being pursued by what appears to be a bulletproof condom, so I just ran into the hole to hide because that's some scary shit."

Check out his Channel here

and here's another video to waste your time

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